Kooling and mobiUS step up sustainable mobility

Kooling and SDA Bocconi School of Management launch a strategic partnership to deliver advanced solutions for Sustainable Mobility


London & Milan, May 2022: Kooling’s Big Data platform will play a key role in the scientific activities led by mobiUS Lab of SDA Bocconi School of Management, the first European research Lab for Smart, Sustainable, User-Centric Mobility. The partnership will bring together behavioral science and leading edge carbon detection technology to generate know-how that will accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility. 


Kooling’s combination of Big Data Fusion, Sensing Technology and Machine Learning will be deployed to automate the detection of carbon emissions linked to our mobility behaviors, and turn complex and fragmented data into reliable, accurate, and actionable insight. 

mobiUS researchers will leverage the advanced technology to define the megatrends shaping mobility over the next ten years, as a strategic resource for businesses to make informed decisions on how to lead and succeed in the sustainability transition.


Smart-Moving is one of the three pillars (together with Smart-Working and Smart-Living) of the sustainability model developed by mobiUS. The Milan-based Lab was launched in 2021 by the prestigious SDA Bocconi School of Management in partnership with Atlantia, the strategic investment holding focused on innovation and sustainability as the backbones of future transport services. Kooling will now add value to this collaboration with its innovative technology platform.

The NetZero targets pledged by various governments, as well as increased expectations from customers and investors, put pressure on businesses to become greener, quicker. 


While mobiUS carries out applied research activities to analyze the main trends in the evolution of the mobility market at a global level, sharing its insights with companies and with policy makers, Kooling will play a key role in providing accurate measurement of the climate impact from mobility and transport, known to be the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions.


Current Kooling data shows that the median user will decrease her/his emissions by circa 24% with peaks of almost 70% for receptive individuals.


Fabrizio Zerbini, Scientific Director mobiUS Lab: The digital transition allows for the diffusion, development and adoption at scale of handheld and wearable connected devices that can be  key to collect actionable insight on individual climate impact. Technologies such as, Big Data analytics, geolocalization and mobility tracking are promptly available to the end users to collect the information that is needed to understand how the individual footprint develops, and, crucially, how it can be optimized. mobiUS Lab and Kooling are now bringing together behavioural science and leading edge carbon detection & measurement technology to identify best practices and create solutions to support modal shifts to sustainable travel options. The mission of this partnership is to  enable the individuals to master their mobility practices and become part of the solution, contributing to meet NetZero by 2050 goals. 


David Falconi, Kooling’s Founder & CEO: “With peak contributions of over 90% on the overall corporate emissions and 30% on the overall national emissions, the impact of transport on climate change is extremely high. Therefore decarbonisation of mobility is of primary importance to achieve the climate goals set by the Government as well as corporate ESG targets.

In this delicate phase of ecological transition, mobiUS Lab supports stakeholders with a key role of authoritative guidance that stands out for scientific rigor, knowledge of best practices and creation of innovative solutions. The latter will be developed in partnership with Kooling, leveraging the core of our Big Data technology platform. We are honoured and energised about being in a partnership with mobiUS, for they represent Italian excellence in research.”, 


Stefania Ratti, Innovation Orchestration and acceleration Director di Atlantia: “Atlantia has invested in the mobiUS project in recognition of its role in advancing analysis, knowledge and leadership for a more sustainable mobility. Kooling’s involvement in the project is a concrete step forward as it will leverage SDA Bocconi’s data, skills and advanced know-how to conduct scientific studies focused on transport. Atlantia will actively contribute to the partnership sharing the group’s industrial and technological knowledge.

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