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Kooling and Imperial College London experts join forces to accelerate adoption of green mobility in Cities

London, 4 August 2023 – Kooling, a trailblazing provider of data-driven solutions to enable sustainable mobility, is thrilled to announce it is working with leading experts from Imperial’s Urban Systems Lab, through Imperial Consultants, to bring exciting benefits to Kooling Customers and end users of our App.


Kooling’s mission is to leverage cutting-edge technology and scientific expertise to enable every organisation to embrace greener practices and foster a stronger, more sustainable future. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, our engineering team relentlessly monitors the evolving mobility habits and trends in our cities, to ensure our technology remains the leading solution to measure mobility and the climate impact that it generates. With input from the experts from Imperial, Kooling will be able to expand the Kooling motion detection algorithms coverage for a range of highly complex scenarios typical of urban centres. This project presents a stimulating challenge, as it signifies the application of scientific research within the practical realm of Kooling’s innovative technology.  


This exciting project his co-funded by Undaunted (a partnership between Imperial’s Grantham Institute and The Royal Institution) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


Dr Aruna Sivakumar, director of the Urban Systems Lab at Imperial, expressed her enthusiasm stating: “The Kooling platform already encompasses a great deal of innovation. Our contribution lies in bridging the gap between scientific research and practical implementation. While much research has focused on translating GPS traces into travel patterns, it often neglects the crucial considerations of practicality and implementation costs. What excites me most about this project is the ability to leverage existing research while embracing a pragmatic perspective.”


David Falconi, Founder and CEO of Kooling adds: “Kooling aims to bring scientific rigour and unprecedented automation to carbon emissions measurement for businesses and Cities. At the same time, we want to engage, incentivise and entertain everyone who contributes to make our Cities greener by choosing low emission options for going from A to B. In this exciting project, we will focus on how GPS signal loss and noise affect detection of cycling in dense urban areas, and together with this great team from  Imperial, bring cutting edge solutions that will be embedded into the Kooling product.”


About Kooling:

Kooling empowers Companies and Cities to be greener and stronger by delivering unmatched data-driven insights, effortless environmental reporting and an innovative engagement platform to implement decarbonisation strategies at large scale. Kooling leverages Big Data analysis, Machine Learning and Scientific Research to deliver leading edge solutions focused on transport and mobility. 


About Imperial Consultants:

Imperial Consultants is the wholly owned consultancy arm of Imperial College London and provides access to the breadth of expertise at Imperial, on an independent basis, for the benefit of industry and society. Experts include those from the Urban Systems Lab who can apply their deep understanding of cutting-edge technology, AI, and data science to deliver groundbreaking solutions across various industries.


About Urban Systems Lab:

The Urban Systems Lab at Imperial College London is a leading research group dedicated to studying and understanding the complex dynamics of urban environments. Through interdisciplinary collaborations and innovative data-driven approaches, the lab aims to address urban challenges and develop sustainable solutions for cities of the future. Their work encompasses areas such as urban planning, transportation, energy systems, resilience, and social equity, making significant contributions to shaping smarter, more livable cities worldwide.

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