ScopeS 1 & 2

Say goodbye to data entry


Real Time



Measuring the enterprise impact on climate change is highly complex. Sources of emissions such as mobility, whose weight can reach beyond 90% of the corporate total, require herculean data entry efforts. The exercise of collecting and processing a sheer volume of data points with heavy human involvement is very expensive, ineffective and also a process prone to error. As stakeholders expectations on disclosure and accuracy of reporting are increasing, being in control of this data is now a must for every business looking to grow for the long term.


With Kooling, businesses can now let powerful computers do the data processing work that computers actually do really well. The Kooling platform automatically collects and processes critical data to enable effortless and accurate Scope 1 & 2 measurement.

Advanced Big Data analytics together with a methodology grounded in science make Kooling measurements aligned with the most widely adopted standards, such as the GreenHouse Gas Protocol.

let the machine crunch numbers like a machine

Increase Accuracy

Save Time and Money

Lower Emissions

It has never been so easy to achieve Climate Leadership.

As Climate is warming, try Kooling.

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